Aqua-iron Liquid
Aqua-iron Liquid
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Aqua-iron Liquid
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Acidified Oral Iron Glycinate for baby piglets. Aqua - iron liquid Acidified Oral Iron Proteinate

An acidified oral solution, in a ready to use form, which provides a proteinated iron supplement for baby piglets at birth.


IRON (Fe) Ferrous salts bonded with Glycine -- an amino acid -- to form one proteinated molecule containing both available iron and a protein building block.

ACID/BASE BALANCE: Buffered and controlled to assist in carrying the proteinate and to maintain the acid/base balance ratio of the formula.

Aqua-iron liquid is an economical, safe, and very effective(1) option for meeting the newborn piglets iron deficiencies. Aqua-iron liquid™ comes in a ready to use form, no mixing or problems with needles and risk of infection or bruising. Aqua-iron liquid is tested and proven to be as effective as injectable solutions.

"When Raising Young Animals -- The Race is Won at the Start."

Physical:Dark Brown Liquid 230 mL Pumper Bottles SG 1.20 6 per case Characteristic Iron Odor 1 Gallon (3.79 L) Jugs available) 1 Pump = 2 mL © 1995 Advantech Ltd. ® Registered Trademark of Advantech Ltd. USA

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